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Aluminium tubes


La Metallurgica has been producing collapsible aluminium tubes since 1947. Since then, the aluminium tube sector has changed greatly and La Metallurgica has always been a driving force regarding major innovations.  From the first tube in the food sector in 1951, to the first digital printing on aluminium.

The variety of products that we offer has one common denominator: the passion and competence of 70 years of experience in this sector.

We make different typologies of tubes which meet market demands:  pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial and food.

The main characteristics of our collapsible aluminium tube production can be summarised in the documents that we have listed below.  In the first document the tubes are subdivided by diameter, mouth type and cap.  In the second, the standard tube dimensions are shown with their relative capacity in ml.  In the third, we indicate the content of the box and the pallet size.

Types of nozzles:

with membrane - with open hole or insert - ophthalmic 


Tube dimensions and relative capacity


Pallet size and content of box