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Digit Tubes

Digital printing on the aluminium tubes is an innovation that has changed the sector and La Metallurgica has been the instigator of this revolution.

Our digital printing technique, Digit, allows printing of any kind of image on collapsible aluminium tubes. No limitations to the colour, design or quantity of tubes.

Approval of the graphics no longer takes place through pdf files or Pantone Colour reference, but through real samples!

The stability of the process is such as to always guarantee the same graphics without needing to make any adjustments or changes in colour.  Also, the tubes are monitored by a very advanced viewing system that guarantees extraordinary precision and attention to detail.

The graphics are run by a computer and a software program transfers all the necessary information to the print heads to obtain the desired image.
It is also possible to add personalised images, promotional codes, interactive content….

Find out more on Variable data. For more information about Digit tubes, contact our commercial office.