Digital Printing – the advantages

With digital printing there is no limit to creativity and customization to make the tube unique!

La Metallurgica produces aluminium tubes also with the technique of digital printing. The advantages of this technology involve all aspects of the realization of an aluminium tube.

PHOTO IMAGE QUALITY. The first advantage, and the easiest to check is the graphics rendering. Digit allows you to print any image on the tube, visibly improving its definition and raising quality to the maximum, thus obtaining bright tubes with images of photographic quality.

ROOM FOR CREATIVITY - DigIT allows you to dare colorfully creative graphic and shades obtaining highly evocative effects. A number of defined colors as offset printing offers, means that not all graphics can be realized. Digital printing has brought down these barriers. Now you can give free rein to ideas and this has already led to many innovations in the field.

FLEXIBILITY - The flexibility of the DigIT system is huge, just like the freedom it offers. The ability to print even extremely limited quantities of tubes, frees strategic choices and creative explorations in the differentiation and customization of products.

CUSTOMIZATION: Digital printing allows very high levels of customization. The main example is the variable data: Thanks to our software each product can have a specific customization, a specific characterization different from the others, taking advantage of the potential of the variable data. A predefined space on which to print different contents for each single tube.