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Production Centre of Excellence

La Metallurgica’s plant extends over an area of more than 30,000 sqm of land, 8,000 sqm of which is covered.

From the choice of suppliers to the purchase of the raw materials, from the production process to the quality testing of the finished product and laboratory testing, everything is monitored down to the finest detail in our plant.

Toolmaking - All the equipment used in production are designed and made internally. This is a choice that guarantees promptness for the supply but also it is a continual search toward perfection and improvement. Our tube is 100% made in Italy!

Graphics department - In addition to the usual amount of collaboration for the construction of printing installations, we offer a complete graphics service; from advice and suggestions regarding some technical solutions to the actual realisation of all the graphic design. In the digital design area, the graphics approval comes directly with the printing of sample tubes. Furthermore, all the digital production is monitored by an advanced viewing system.

Regulations – Our QA office is able to deal with any issue regarding legislation and relative conformity regulations.

Traceability - We offer our clients a very detailed computer traceability. The product code and every single ID pallet number is indicated on the transportation document and on the bar code of the label in order to facilitate handling.

Logistics The systematic use of reinforced boxes with double sides guarantees protection of the tubes from any damage, even over long distances.

Service - Each year we ask our clients to fill out a questionnaire which allows us to quantify their satisfaction. And each year we are happy to see that our rendered services are one of our strong points. And we are proud to say that it is not limited to flexibility, promptness and observance of the delivery times but especially for our availability, thoroughness and clarity in the technical and organisational specifications.

R&D - IOur department of Research and Development is a workshop of ideas. Here is where our ideas are born, where new materials are experimented, where we work toward optimising technological processes and creating innovations. Often the innovation is created from specific needs of the clients, but just as often the process takes place entirely within the company. Intuition and the desire to improve and experiment are the catalysts in our research laboratory, not to mention the systematic brainstorming meetings carried out in collaboration with Martinenghi