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Why aluminium

Why have we decided on the exclusive use of aluminium in our tube production?

SAFETY- Because it is the most suitable material for containing and protecting many products in a safe way. Aluminium offers quality and stability to the product it contains, creating an absolute barrier to gas, light, oxygen, germs, humidity, odours and organic substances. The product remains untouched from the external environment and it does not dispel any volatile components; so it is not necessary to use preservatives, yet maintains the proper freshness, aroma and integrity.

HYGIENE- Aluminium is hygienic, lightweight and versatile for any type of product, even the aggressive ones. It is heat and corrosion resistant and guarantees a much longer shelf life. The aluminium tube also does away with the classic problem of “suction” by adapting its volume to the product inside the tube and it doesn’t allow air to come in contact with the material inside.

RECYCLABILITY: Aluminium has earned its fame as a green material because it is 100% recyclable. Recycled aluminium, in effect, maintains the same properties and can be used for new products. It is no coincidence that 75% of the aluminium ever produced in the world is still in use. Aluminium is used but not consumed because it is a permanent material that can be recycled an infinite number of times.