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Cookies are small text strings sent by websites to users' terminals where they are stored  before being retransmitted to the Sites upon users' following visits. While surfing this website, you will be sent only cookies coming from our site, directly handled by our Company.

“TECHNICAL COOKIES” handled by our Company: technical cookies are used with the only purpose of "transferring a communication via a digital network or to enable an IT company to provide the services required by subscribers or users ".

They shall not be used for further purposes and are usually installed directly by the Site owner or administrator.

Such cookies may be classified as: session cookies, ensuring a problem-free use of the Site; analytic cookies, similar to technical cookies when used directly by the Site administrator to collect aggregated data about the number of users and how the Site is used by them ; functionality cookies, allowing users to surf the Site on the basis of several selected criteria aimed at enhancing the service provided.

No previous authorization by the users is required for the Installation of such cookies; however, in case they are the only devices employed, and in compliance with the GDPR, the Site administrator shall commit to inform users about their existence and will be entitled to do it in the most convenient way. No profiling cookies are used by this Website.  

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